5 Steps to Summer Hair

There’s no such thing as simply having a ‘good hair season’, because on-point hair is something we strive for all year round. When Summer rolls around, though, we tend to get a little more playful with our locks, which calls for some seasonal hair-care staples. I mean, we’ve already perfected our brows… better have the hair to match! Since we’ve got our Summer makeup bags stocked and ready (duh… K-Sport, Shimmer Gloss, Eyeliner, repeat) our #Katherine team has been girl-talking about our favorite hair care products and tips. We figured we’d spread the love and share our top picks here – from our beauty team to you… hair goes nothing!  

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As vital as it is to nourish and hydrate our skin, it’s just as important to moisturize our hair. With more time spent outdoors, our locks are more vulnerable to air pollutants and sun exposure during this time of year, which is why we’re ultra selective about picking a conditioner. Our marketing queen, Sybil, swears by
Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner which provides intense, reparative, moisture to both the hair and scalp.

Photo c/o: @jessjacobsx

You know a product is good when multiple #Katherine beauty experts are claiming it’s their #1 go-to texturizer. It was pretty unanimous that OUAI Texturizing Hairspray is the golden ticket to achieving prime volume and consistency. Bonus: it’s cruelty free and paraben free… #Katherine approved!

Photo c/o: @juliahengel

Know how we love that dewy, natural glow that the WOW Stick gives our skin? Well, we’ve basically found the WOW Stick counterpoint… for hair. This DryBar Sparking Soda Shine Mist is an absolute team favorite because of it’s high-gloss, frizz taming abilities. Oh, it also passes the paraben-free, cruelty-free test! Spritz it directly onto your hair or apply it to your hands and rub throughout your locks for more controlled application.

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What’s the mane reason (see what I did there?) we need to add moisture and shine to our tresses? Overwashing! While hair textures and thickness do play a role in determining our shampoo frequency, a general rule of thumb is to keep your wash/dry routine to a twice-a-week minimum. That’s why we’re thanking our lucky stars that we found an amazing dry shampoo for those in-between-washes days. Meet DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo: it freshens, absorbs oils, adds lift to our roots, and is basically our hair’s favorite post-yoga, pre-happy-hour best friend.

Photo c/o: @katrinaascott

So, it’s pretty self explanatory why Summer and beach-waves go hand in hand. What’s not so clear-cut, though, is how to achieve that perfectly-tousled, under-the-umbrella, pass-the-mojito styled hair. Luckily, we’ve scoured, searched, and found the perfect tool to achieve the most sought-after Summer hairstyle: the Beachwaver. This innovative curling wand spins in both directions at the push of a button, allowing you to easily achieve that beach-hair-don’t-care look. We suggest you give it a twirl.  On that note:



When we want to rely on the experts, we put our trust in the miracle workers at Capsyl Salon! If you’re local to San Diego, their salon is a must-visit! On days when we can’t make it to the salon and need on-location hair-support, we call on amazing beauty concierge: Kissed by AML– they bring the pretty right to our doorsteps!
Have a go-to Summer hairstyle or product?
Share your ideas and favorites in the comment section below – we love hearing from you!

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