In honor of Earth Day this April, Katherine Natural Cosmetics is partnering with one of our favorite San Diego-based charities, Ocean Discovery Institute. This incredible nonprofit uses ocean science to empower young people in underserved urban areas to transform their lives and their communities.

All month long, we’ll be donating $1 from every purchase of our all-natural K-Sport WOW Stick SPF 20 to Ocean Discovery Institute. Our bestselling sheer foundation is all you need to get flawless radiant coverage. Plus, our WOW Stick protects your skin with it’s broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 20.

Don’t miss your chance to get your own WOW Stick this month — while also helping to transform lives and protect our planet! Keep reading below to find out more.

katherine natural cosmetics wow stick sheer foundation spf 20 earth day ocean discovery instituteOcean Discovery Institute is Transforming Lives with Science

The heartbreaking truth is that many of the students in urban, high-poverty communities have limited opportunities to study science. Executive Director Shara Fisler founded Ocean Discovery Institute in 1999 to change that by developing a program that gives students the know how — and the inspiration — to become part of the next generation of scientific and environmental leaders.


Today, Ocean Discovery Institute provides free science education to more than 6,000 students in one of San Diego’s most underserved neighborhoods, City Heights. This includes both classroom and out-of-school programming.

Ocean Science Explorers

This cornerstone program brings ocean science into the classroom for students in grades 3-6. Through this four-year program, students learn what science is, how science works,  and how science is relevant to their lives.

Watershed Avengers

The Watershed Avengers program is designed to use ocean science and local resources to teach science and environmental stewardship. Students, along with their families and neighbors, learn how the world works and how they can make a difference.

Katherine Natural Cosmetics April Charity of the Month Ocean Discovery Institute lab experiment

Ocean Leaders

The Ocean Leaders program helps provide students who want to become scientists with the tools they’ll need. More than 100 middle school, high school, and college-age young people participate annually in these after-school and summer programs.

The Living Lab

This spring, Ocean Discovery Institute opened The Living Lab, a permanent, state-of-the-art science facility built in partnership with the San Diego Unified School District. With this new center, Ocean Discovery Institute will be able to reach 10,000 children in City Heights. As well as increase quality of programming, and expand the role of families, teachers, and mentors.


Here at Katherine Natural Cosmetics, we’re pretty blown away with the success Ocean Discovery Institute is having. And we think you will be too. Check out how their programs are changing lives, helping to improve the health of our communities and our world!

• Ocean Discovery students are eight times more likely to earn a college degree than the average low-income college student.

• Test scored have significantly improved in 9 of the 13 schools using the program.

• 7-in-10 Ocean Discovery college students major in science fields. 



Want to learn more about Ocean Discovery Institute and how you can support this amazing organization? Just click HERE. Also, make sure to follow Ocean Discovery Institute on social media including Instagram  and Facebook to get all the latest news and updates. 

Katherine Cosmetics WOW stick sheer foundation spf 20 ocean discovery institute



Here at Katherine Natural Cosmetics, we believe in creating luxury makeup that delivers gorgeous results without any of the dangerous pesticides and synthetic chemicals that can hurt you and our environment! All our products are all-natural, and are made without parabens, phthalates or triclosan. And they are always cruelty free.

We’re also committed to making the world a better place by giving back. Because really, is there anything more beautiful than helping others? We sure don’t think so. That’s why we donate a portion of our sales to charity every month. And we always give $1 from every purchase of one of our A+ Friends Lipsticks to charity.

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