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Happy Friday lovelies! We’ve got a really awesome surprise for you this week. In honor of this Sunday’s National Lipstick Day, we’re giving away a free lipstick with every purchase of one of our bestselling lipsticks all week long! 

That’s right! Just buy one of our gorgeous, all-natural lipsticks and you get one for free. How great is that? We sure can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer’s perfect accessory. And the best part is you’ll also be giving back. Here at Katherine Natural Cosmetics, we always donate $1 from every purchase of our Giving Back Lipstick Collection to charity.

So come join the fun this National Lipstick Day. Grab your favorite shade (or two!), help support a great cause, and enjoy a gorgeous free Katherine Natural Cosmetics lipstick!


No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing this summer, we have the perfect shade for you!

Our Giving Back Lipstick Collection collection contains 11 colors to match your every mood. And with all-natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients such as aloe, beeswax, and sweet almond oil, these lipsticks not only look great but are also safe to use. And they’ll keep your lips feeling hydrated and smooth all day! 

Best of all, Katherine Cosmetics donates a portion of each purchase of lipstick in the Giving Back Collection to charity! Each of the shades in this line of luxurious and nourishing lipsticks is inspired by the friends and family of Katherine Cosmetics founder, Katherine “Annie” Finch. And in this spirit of friendship, Katherine Cosmetics donates $1 from each purchase to the charity chosen by the lipsticks’ namesake.

 Get a Free Katherine Cosmetics Shade this National Lipstick Day

So which shade are you going to pick this National Lipstick Day? We’ve got lots of gorgeous options for you! Just check out some of our #Katherinegirls make up brand ambassadorssporting some of our favorite shades.

Katherine Cosmetics Giving Back Lipstick National Lipstick Day free lipstick

Lipstick for a Dramatic Look

For a dramatic look for date night or going out, Miss BethJoan and Jacki are your go-to shades! Miss Beth, with it’s berry color, is the darkest shade of the collection. It helps support the Central Virginia Food Bank. Joan is a bit lighter with more pink tones. This shade helps the San Diego Symphony. And Jacki (see below photo) is a fun shade of orange and red, and purchases of this lipstick help support the San Diego Museum of Art.

Perfect Pink Lipsticks

If you want to look pretty in pink this National Lipstick Day, we have plenty of shades for you! Susie’s 65 Roses is a bright, vibrant pink that helps supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Patricia is our darkest shade of pink and has a sweet berry finish. Patricia supports the Equus Foundation. Miss Pam is our lightest shade of pink and has a nice sheer, pastel finish. This shade helps Fair Trade USA. 

Best Sparkly Lipsticks

To sparkle, grab our Tam Tam, Deni or Debby J shades. Tam Tam is a light shade of the perfect brownish-pink color. And it has a shimmer finish. This shade helps Computers to Kids San Diego. Deni is a neutral, peachy-pink shade with a hint of a coppery shine (see the photo below) and helps to Educational Enrichment Systems. Debby J is a neutral, darker, warm pink with a soft shimmer. Purchases of this shade support the La Jolla Playhouse. 

Our Bestselling Natural Lipsticks

If you want to go for a natural look, our Miss Courtney and Tara shades are perfect. Miss Courtney is sheer lipstick with just a hint of a peach, nude color. It helps support the Lady Children’s Hospital. Tara, which also contains SPF 20, is our lightest shade. Clear with just a bit of pink shimmer, it gives you a barley-there, pink finish! The Tara lipstick helps the Danny and Ron Rescue.

Come Try our Katherine Natural Cosmetics Lipsticks for Yourself

Not sure which shade to pick? Come try them all — and get advice from our professional Katherine Cosmetics make up artists — at our flagship store in Del Mar or at Dillard’s department stores. To see all our the locations where Katherine Natural Cosmetics is sold, click here

Feature Photo Credit: @itrainspurplesummer

What shade are you wearing to celebrate National Lipstick Day? 
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