Want to know the secret to getting that Insta-ready, flawless makeup look? The answer might surprise you! It’s all about how you prep your skin for makeup.

That’s right!  Before you add even a drop of makeup, you need to create the perfect surface for makeup application. Because no matter how great your make up products are, they just won’t get the job done if your face is dry or dirty.



The truth is, your makeup will only look as good as your skin does. That means you need to show your skin a little love by properly cleaning and hydrating it. Trust us! Your makeup will go on easier, look better, and last longer if you take just a few minutes to get your skin in tip-top shape before you start adding make up.

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Here at Katherine Natural Cosmetics, we’re also obsessed with using only non-toxic skin care products on our skin. We are an all-natural, luxury make up brand after all! We believe in using products that not only make up look pretty but are also good for our skin and bodies.



Just follow these 4 simple steps to give your skin all the TLC it needs to help you get that glowing, radiant look you’re craving. 

Clean your Skin

OK, we admit it!  We’ve all fallen asleep with some (or all) of our makeup still on. But applying makeup to dirty skin can lead to clogged pores and potential breakouts. And those makeup wipes we all love? They might be good at wiping away some of your makeup but they don’t actually clean your skin! 

Start off prepping your skin by giving your face a proper wash. Just massage your cleanser into your skin in a circular motion, and then rinse well in warm water. Finish up by patting your face dry with a towel.

Make sure you use a cleanser that’s designed specifically for your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, pick a gentle cleanser. Steer clear of ones that include glycolic acid, which can cause irritation. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, look for a cleanser that is a bit more acidic as it will help fight bacteria.

Tone it Up

The next step is to apply some toner. Why is toner so important? Toners are used to complete the cleansing process by removing any residual grime, oil or dead skin cells that may be still lingering on your face after you wash it.

Toner also helps shrink pores, restore the PH balance of your skin — which can get out of whack from the alkaline nature of soap — and prep your skin to be able to absorb hydration.

Choose one that’s right for your type of skin. And make sure to avoid ones that are alcohol-based (like the toners from the 1990s!). These are very drying and can irritate the skin.

To use, just apply to a cotton pad (or your clean fingers) and then swipe it across your face working outwards.

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Add a Serum

Next, add a serum to your damp skin. Serums give your face a concentrated dose of hydrating, anti-aging ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. And unlike moisturizers, which sit on the skin surface, serums are absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like dryness, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Just apply the serum of your choice to your face and neck daily using your clean fingertips. Remember, serums are highly concentrated. More is not always better! Make sure to follow the product instructions.

Moisturize Your Skin

Now, it’s time for the pièce de résistance: moisturizer. Moisturizer is key to keeping your skin plump and hydrated. Using it daily will help diminish the look of any fine lines, and leave your skin looking brighter and firmer. And since makeup sticks to dry areas, it’s an essential tool in helping prevent your foundation and concealer from creasing and caking.

Once you’ve picked a product that is made for your skin type, take a pearl-size drop of the cream and warm it in your hands. Next, apply it to your face by gently patting the moisturizer into your skin. Start at your cheeks and then spread the cream outward to your forehead, chin and neck. Use light upward strokes, and be extra gentle around the eyes. And don’t forget your neck!

And that’s all there is to it!  Now that you know how to prep your skin for makeup, it’s time to add some makeup products. Start off by adding a great primer, like our bestselling K-Sport Wow Stick. This sheer concealer stick does it all: hydrates, softens fine lines, evens your complexion, and protects your skin with SPF 20. It’s the perfect base for your daily makeup routine. 

Get our tips on how to get the perfect everyday look in under 10 minutes here.

katherine-cosmetics-easy-everyday-makeupSkin Care Products We Love

Need some recommendations for skin care products? Here are some of current staff favorites!  And just like all our Katherine Natural Cosmetics make up, these skin care products are all made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates.