Katherine Girl of the Month: Meet Dria Murphy, Alise Collective Founder

Hey lovelies!  Come meet our Katherine Girl of the MonthDria Murphy!  Dria is the founder and CEO of Alise Collective, a public relations and branding company based in New York City.



We’re so excited to tell you all about this multi-tasking PR maven and true #Girlboss. Before founding Alise Collective in 2015, Dria worked at several top fashion houses including Calvin KleinTopshop, and Ralph Lauren.

These days, this California-native is living her best life in the Big Apple. She’s working with some of the biggest brands in the lifestyle and wellness industries. And with more than 26K Instagram followers, she’s also making a name for herself as a must-follow trendsetter. Just check our her recent feature in Harper’s Bazaar magazine!

Oh, and did we mention she just also has one of the biggest hearts around?!

Join us in fawning over her beautiful soul, face, and life. We know you’re going to love this #Katherinegirl as much as we do.  Congratulations, Dria!


Share with us a bit about your background.

I grew up in downtown San Francisco, California and attended university at Santa Clara on the west coast. Though born and raised on the other side of the continent, I always knew I wanted to try living in New York City. The summer before college graduation, I was able to intern at Giorgio Armani and Bottega Veneta and try out the New York life. I’ve lived in the West Village ever since.

Tell us about your business. How did you get started in PR?

Alise Collective is a creative brand building company that specializes in decisive partnerships and innovative strategies so that the client roster remains “au courant” in our changing, social landscape. I’m a natural connector, and love introducing people, so PR was an instinctive fit. I moved to New York without a job lined up and just went for it. To start, I worked in-house at fashion brands like Ralph LaurenTopshop, and Calvin Klein, and then launched my own business.

How did you decide to launch your own company?

Alise Collective has happened organically, with a lot of hustle and determination. I was finishing up an event at The Surf Lodge for a fashion and technology start-up, and was able to meet the in-house team out in Montauk. A week later, I was consulting for The Surf Lodge and soon gained Alise Collective’s first client through an activation on the property. The client was Google, where I work on their cultural activations. It’s an incredible thing to be able to say that. Everything fell into place from there.

What’s the best thing about being your own boss?

The thing that I most love about being my own boss is specifically curating a client roster of brands that I love and support wholeheartedly. I get to choose the people I work with daily, and that is a privilege. Alise Collective has created a lifestyle aesthetic that so many people are excited about and want a small piece of, and it happens to be a true representation of my personal taste. Staying true to myself and my gut has lead to the success of Alise Collective.

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What made you want to be a Katherine Girl?

I hope to embody all that a Katherine Girl stands for: positive, strong, and full of passion. I’d like to experience my days through the lens of a Katherine Girl, working hard toward goals, both personally and for my company.

What does being a Katherine Girl mean to you?

Being a Katherine Girl means embracing the little joys throughout a day; a hot pitcher of perfect matcha, a branding session with my team that leaves us all feeling motivated, the first sight of flowers in spring. I’m trying to be more mindful lately, and a Katherine Girl embodies that mentality. I’m honored to be selected.

Tell us about one of your favorite #Katherinemoments.

My favorite #katherinemoment was meeting [Katherine Cosmetics Founder] Katherine “Annie” Finch. We instantly clicked through our love for fashion, beauty, and fitness and started a collaboration that same day. A true #katherinemoment. Her career is so inspiring and I feel grateful to have been a part of the beginning of Katherine Cosmetics and to have watched it grow.

What are your favorite Katherine Natural Cosmetics products?

Most days, I don’t wear much makeup. I’m a mascara and lip gloss girl in a regular day, as I’m normally taking a work-out class at my favorite New York location, The Bari Studio. The K-Sport Wow Stick is the perfect grab and go foundation with essential SPF. I also love the KatherineGirl fragrance. It sits so beautifully on my vanity in and amongst other beautiful things, and one spritz makes me feel strong for the day.

Share some ways you like to give back to and support your community.

I really love being a mentor for young females who would like a future in the industry. I’m constantly taking coffee meetings with girls who email me, message me on LinkedIn or maybe who came from my home town. Time is the greatest asset and I’m happy to give back in that way.

KGOTM Dria Murphy Alise Collective


Who is your style icon? 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love her style and aesthetic, and classics like Kate Moss and Bridgitte Bardot.

Tell us a bit about some of your favorite NYC spots.

I could ramble about my favorite places in New York City for hours. I’ve lived in the West Village for 7 years and it has become my home. For work-outs, I’m a true fan of The Bari Studio, a method that utilizes trampolines! For brunch, I’d always recommend Cafe Cluny, a West Village staple. Another favorite is Dan Kluger’s Loring Place.

I really don’t do much brick and mortar shopping anymore, favoring online retail and rental programs like villageluxe. You can rent luxury, designer pieces from the closets of chic women in New York City, and ultimately reduce the environmental impact of your shopping. Win-win.

Where do you want to travel to next?

I have a trip to Costa Rica to speak at the Omina Summit about fashion and sustainable living. I’ll also get to explore the local spots, and I’m so excited to experience their culture.

What is the one thing you can’t leave home without?

I can’t leave home without my cell phone and Katherine Cosmetics shimmer gloss

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

People would be most surprise to know that I’m newly allergic to coffee. I’m forever a matcha girl now.

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