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This month, we’re honored to introduce you to one of these #Katherinegirls, and Boobi Butter co-founder, Amelia Coomber. We’re pretty wowed by this college senior who’s come up with an easy and inexpensive way for women to master one of the most important aspects of their health and wellness routine: the monthly breast self-exam. Keep reading below to find out more about Amelia and her empowering company, Boobi Butter

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  Meet Amelia Coomber, Founder of Boobi Butter

AGE:                 21 
HOMETOWN:   San Diego, CA 
COLLEGE:       University of Denver 
MAJOR:           Computer Science 
INSTAGRAM:   @boobibutter

Just over a year ago, Amelia said she was given a gift that changed her life. This college-senior was well into her studies at University of Denver and planned on pursuing computer science upon graduation. But over the holidays, a friend gave her a homemade salve to use when performing a breast self-exam. “I went home and used it,” Amelia said. “I thought: Oh my gosh! This smells this is so good. This is so cool. We should sell this. We should make a company.” And just like that, Boobi Butter was born.

A year later, the company is up and running and selling their all-organic salve primarily through subscription boxes. For $12.50, customers get a box every three months. Each one includes the signature cream and breast massage oil, informational how-to guides, and a cute sticker that you put on your mirror to help record and track changes. There is also a seasonal surprise in every box. 

Boobi Butter is Helping to Fight Breast Cancer

It’s a heartbreaking fact that 1 in 8 women (and 1 in 1,000 men) will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. As a California-native, Amelia said she’s always been health conscious but she admits she’d never given much thought to her breast health. “I’ve gone to doctors and no one ever told me to do a monthly self-exam,” she said. “I am under 40. I can’t get a mammogram yet. But breast health is so important! And there are basically no resources for me to use to take control my breast health, to be informed of what to look for or how to search.”

For so many, including Amelia’s business partner Julia, this is a deeply personal issue. “Julia’s mom successfully fought breast cancer just this last year,” Amelia said. “She wanted to know what were her chances of getting it too? And what does she have to be worried about?” Amelia said she hopes Boobi Butter is helping women get the answers they need. “We thought there was just this huge gap between awareness and action,” she said. “We’ve raised money for Susan B. Komen and done the races. But what can we do to protect ourselves individually? We’re trying to show young women how much power that they have.”

Feeling Beautiful in the Skin You’re In

Amelia said this is one of the reasons she is so grateful to be part of the Katherine Cosmetics community. “We really just want to change the way women feel about their bodies. Change the way women feel about their health,” she said. “Katherine Cosmetics is all about feeling strong and comfortable in your own skin. And breast health, I think, really aligns with all those values.”

While Amelia might make it look easy to launch a business from her dorm room, she admits it’s a lot of hard work. But she said it’s also so worth it! “I just jumped into Boobi Butter and there were a lot of people who said this was crazy,” she said. “It seem like with all the best things that I’ve ever done, there was someone saying that it will never work. My answer? I can only try.”

And it looks like her efforts are paying off. Amelia said subscriptions are growing and she hopes the company will be able to open their own facility in Denver by the end of 2018. “At the end of the day, even if I’m not successful with Boobi Butter, I’ve learned so much along the way. I’ve really enjoyed creating something that’s bigger than myself and that’s trying to provide a service to better the world. It’s so empowering.”

Insider Info on Amelia

Fun Facts:  Amelia might be a computer science major now but she admits she wasn’t always so great at math and science. “I was never that smart in science in high school,” she said. “But through getting confidence through other things, I learned that even if I wasn’t initially good at something, if I worked hard enough I could do it. And it didn’t matter what it was.”

Favorite #Katherinemoment:  Amelia said some of her favorite #Katherinemoments have come from working with cancer survivors including Tara Dunsmore, founder of Pink Tattoo, an areola tattooing practice for women who have had a double mastectomy or reconstructive surgery. “She said to me: ‘No matter what anyone else says, you’re doing something valuable!’ I basically started crying. I really felt like I was doing something good. I felt like a Katherine Girl!”

Favorite Katherine Products:  As an owner of an organic beauty and wellness company, Amelia is pretty picky about what she puts on her skin! She loves that Katherine Cosmetics products are all natural, gluten free, and cruelty free. It’s also no surprise that she’s a big fan of our Giving Back Palette, which helps raise money for the City of Hope to help fight cancer.

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