Do you lust after the Kardashians’ Insta-ready sculpted cheekbones but haven’t been able to master the contouring look yet (or are not sure how to even try)? With all the tips flooding social media these days, it can be a little bit overwhelming! That’s why today our Katherine Cosmetics makeup artists are breaking down the look with this super easy guide to contouring basics

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Contouring your face is actually a lot easier than you think! And when done right, it really can help enhance your gorgeous features — without spending a lot of time or having to buy a million different products.

Products for Contouring Basics

Before we start, let’s make sure you have everything you need. To create the today’s look, our Katherine Cosmetics makeup artist Adela Koenig used just six of our all-natural Katherine Cosmetics products. And you might even already own them all!

Here’s The Contouring Products List:

Our Fav Concealer, the WOW Stick sheer foundation in Dark Deep (for a natural look), our  Warm and Berry powder bronzers, our bestselling Siena’s Highlight, and some translucent setting powder. We also used a blending brush and blending sponge.

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How to Contour Step by Step

Now that you have all the products, let’s start contouring! Just follow this simple, step-by-step guide to contouring basics.

Step 1: Apply Concealer

Start off by applying concealer under your eyes. Make sure that you pick the color that works best with your skin tone. The basic rule is that it should only be one or two shades lighter than your skin.

Next, blend the concealer in with a blending sponge like a Beautyblender. 

Want a bit more coverage? Just apply your favorite foundation (like our WOW foundation stick in Light Medium) to your face before adding your concealer.

contouring basics step by step
Step 2: Add Bronzer

The next step is to apply your bronzer in the shape of a 3 on the side of your face. The goal is to create some shadows to give parts of your face a bit more definition. This includes the hallows of your cheekbones and your jaw line.

Today, we used our Wow Stick in Deep Dark for a warm, natural look. We love using a cream bronzer because it’s so easy to blend and layer. And doesn’t dry out your skin or make it look cakey.

Our tip? Just don’t use too much! Bronzer looks best when it’s subtle (just a few shades darker than your natural skin tone) and gives you that sun-kissed glow.

Step 3: Blend 

Once you’ve added your bronzer, it’s time to blend. We used a foundation brush to soften the bronzer and to buff away any harsh lines. The last thing you want is to look like you have dirt on your face or chin, right?! 

how to contour by Katherine Cosmetics

Step 4: Set The Look

Next, set your look with a dusting of translucent powder. This will keep your look in place and help it last longer! Today, we used a light layer of the powder in our Giving Back Makeup Palette.

Step 5: Add Some Warmth

Now, it’s time to add some warmth. We swiped a bit of our Warm Bronze face powder to the temples, cheek bones and jaw line. And then we added our Berry Bronze to the cheeks (just like we would apply blush). This gives you that healthy, glowing look.

contouring basics step by step

Step 6: Finish With Some Highlighter

Finish up by adding our fav Siena’s Highlight shimmery highlighter to your cheekbones and the high points of your face. You can also add a touch to your cupid’s bow (the middle of the double curve at the top of your lips) and the tip of your nose. Just remember to make sure it’s blended in and subtle! 

And that’s it!  Super simple and quick, right? And just check out the results on our gorgeous Katherine Girl (and super star intern!) Chloe Winkler. 

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Feature Photo Credits: @sydkneenicole

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