July Katherine Girl of the Month: Meet Emma

Congratulations to our July Katherine Girl of the Month: Emma Fletcher! Emma has been an Ambassador since 2015 and continues to truly represent and embrace #allthingskatherine. When we attempt the difficult task of selecting our Katherine Girl of the Month we’re looking for someone who is dedicated, works hard, and displays ultimate levels of friendship, kindness, passion for living life, and the desire to make a difference in the world through giving back. Our July Katherine Girl of the Month humbly exudes all of those qualities! Click here to learn more about becoming a Katherine Girl. Keep reading to see what Emma has to say about supporting the underdogs, being true to herself, and not taking life too seriously.

Meet Emma
Katherine Girl of the Month: Emma Fletcher
AGE: 15
GRADE: HS Sophomore
HOMETOWN: Buzzards Bay, MA
INSTAGRAM: @efletcheroonie @emma.e.fletcher
Having grown up on a horse farm (with a mother that’s a horse trainer), one could easily assume that our July Katherine Girl of the Month could ride before she could crawl. Finally, at age eight, she embraced her now-passion of riding and began charting her course into the competitive arena. How did she avoid the reins for so long? Despite her surroundings and family legacy, she was never pressured into riding, but was encouraged to explore her own interests and follow her heart. The result? A kind, confident 15-year old who’s comfortable in her own skin and has already figured out the importance of always being her true self.

Getting to know the (very) real Emma…

emma-fletcher-katherine-girl-of-the-monthIt takes courage to truly embrace our own individuality and uniqueness. Emma’s been cultivating this trait from an exceptionally young age. Growing up in a household that encouraged her to form her own opinions assisted her with finding her own voice. So much so that Emma decided to use her words to communicate in not one, not two, but three languages. Yep, after mastering the English language, this nearly tri-lingual teenager was fluent in Portuguese by age 8 and is now studying German. Emma’s childhood nanny, Lucy, spoke Portuguese and opened Emma’s eyes to the importance of communicating with people all over the world. Coincidentally, it was also around age 8 that Emma’s passion for horses began to flourish.

Having grown up on her family-owned horse farm, Grazing Fields, she’s been an honorary member of the horse world since birth. Being the daughter of a former-equestrian-champion-turned-horse-trainer, it’s safe to say that Emma’s got equine-abilities in her blood. Her interests in riding really began to develop after getting her first pony, Ivy Green. “We picked her [Ivy] up from a backyard barn for very little money because it was all we could afford. I was never pressured to ride, but eventually developed the need to be more involved with the horses” (Emma). As Emma’s interest grew, she found that she thoroughly enjoyed watching and cheering on other riders. We were thrilled to learn that among the ranks of her favorite riding heroes [her mom included xo] is none other than our June KG of the Month, Lillie Keenan! “I loved watching Lillie ride. I watched her Maclay finals round over twenty times – I just thought she was so graceful” (Emma).


Emma shared that her admiration for Lillie was what led her to Katherine Cosmetics! “I saw that Lillie was a Katherine Girl which prompted me to look into the brand’s ambassador program. I loved how Katherine represented women empowering women. It’s not about one being better than the other, but lifting everyone up to their highest potential” (Emma). Emma immediately inquired about becoming a #KatherineGirl and has been one of our most longstanding ambassadors since the very beginning! What does being a Katherine Girl mean to her? “I put a lot of thought into this and, honestly, I think it’s mainly about being the truest form of yourself so that you can also be there to help others” (Emma). Wow. This… girl… gets it. Now, a fierce competitor in her own right, we’re thrilled to see a young rider out there who isn’t just in-it-to-win-it. “It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of winning in the horse world, which is why it’s important to me to stay true to the fact that I participate in the sport solely because I love it” (Emma). What else does Emma love about riding? Having a trainer who’s also her mom. “People assume it’s difficult with her being my trainer and my mother, but having that personal connection and being able to talk to her inside my home with zero pressure is great.” Emma explained that her mom trains her for local competitions, but during away shows she works with a different trainer. “At away shows, she’s there to be a mom, clap for me, cheer me on, and even get me a drink after shows [giggles]. The best part is, she doesn’t pressure me to ride” (Emma).

katherine-cosmetics-emma-fletcher-deeridge-derby-katherine-finchSpeaking of away shows, Emma spent some time at our Pop Up Shop at this year’s Deeridge Derby and got to meet Katherine! “Talking to Katherine was great! We learned about each other and chatted about growing up riding and taking care of our horses – it was nice to have that connection with her. I got to see and hear what Katherine felt the brand was about and we discussed the importance of horsemanship and ‘girls helping girls’” (Emma). Oh, and Emma admitted that she’s been hooked on the Brow Solution pencils since Katherine gave her one at the Derby! “It looks so great and natural – especially when you’re at a show!” Here’s what else this beauty had to say about her personal makeup style: “I like being able to wear makeup without looking like I’m wearing too much. I just try to enhance what I have, personally. For example, just putting on a few swipes of the mascara [which I love] before I do a course walk makes me feel confident without looking like I have too much on” (Emma). Girl, preach!

Having been an active participant in our Annual Katherine Girls Give Back week, Emma is no stranger to the act of helping. From supporting Molly Kind Project in our yearly charity program to making a difference in her school within her Honor Society membership, Emma’s already aware that even small acts of kindness go a long way. “Whether it’s helping a lower classman with homework or giving someone a compliment, it’s easy to spend a little time each day to help others” (Emma). Our hearts melted when we learned why Emma chose the Molly Kind charity to support during give back week: “It was more about the fact that I saw a lot of others supporting more well-known organizations like ASPCA. I whole heartedly support helping animals but, to be totally honest, I just wanted to go a little less mainstream and support the underdogs” (Emma).


What’s ahead for this girl whose heart is as bright as her mind? We were pretty pleased to hear that she’s in no rush to have things all figured out just yet. Though she did express interest in continuing to expand her breadth of communication, Emma maintains a refreshingly realistic grasp on the importance of the here and now. “I am very passionate about foreign language and would love to pursue a career in foreign relations, which I know sounds pretty vague. I mean, I’m only going into Sophomore year in High School so I have a few more years to fine tune that goal” (Emma).  It’s not easy to embrace Emma’s one-day-at-a-time attitude in today’s ‘what’s next?’ society, but it’s certainly admirable. Despite her laid-back-ness we had to ask if she anticipated riding being in her future. “I don’t really have any clear-cut plans for riding for the future because, to be honest, a year ago I would have never envisioned myself riding 3 horses in 1 day in a show or taking 2nd at Maclay. Things are always changing and I know this sounds basic but I’m just enjoying the journey!” (Emma). Wow, taking a moment to reflect on this 15-year old’s refreshing, here-and-now perspective in our future-focused world. Emma, your profoundly mature attitude on keeping things simple is a beneficial reminder to all of us to slow down, appreciate what’s in front of us, and enjoy the ride. Thank you, #KatherineGirl!

Insider Info on Emma!

FUN FACT: We were pretty blown away by the fact that Emma could speak fluent Portuguese by age 8! Here’s what she had to say about her nanny, Lucy, who taught her: “It was just one of those random things I was able to learn! Lucy and I still stay in touch – she now has two granddaughters, one of whom also rides horses!”

Favorite #KATHERINEMOMENT: “The first horse we ever bought in my name was Conan. He’s a huge, grey horse from Argentina and I was hoping he would be my forever horse. We quickly found out that he was face shy, fearful, underweight, and had shivers in 3 out of 4 legs! Everyone was surprised by our purchase but it was what we could afford. We kept him away from showing the first year to get him fit and, turns out, now he’s unstoppable! We just got 2nd in the Maclay last week in Lake Placid – it’s amazing that he’s come along to this extent!” Another underdog success story – we love this, Emma! Go Conan!

Favorite #KATHERINE Products: “Definitely the Brow Solution! I’ve never found a brow pencil that works as well as this one – the formula is just great and it’s so easy to apply; and that’s coming from someone who has used every pencil out there! Also, I love the WOW Stick – it’s something I can put on in the morning at 6am because it’s just so easy!

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