Katherine Girl of the Month: Meet Jess

We’re so proud to be sharing the April edition of our Katherine Girl of the Month series! Many congratulations to this month’s feature: Jess Jacobswe’re honored to be divulging the scoop on one of our original Katherine Girls with our readers! New to the #allthingskatherine world? Find out more about our #katherinegirls here. Learn all about Jess below!

Meet Jess
Katherine Girl of the Month: Jess Jacobs
AGE: 24
INSTAGRAM: @jessjacobsx
WEBSITE: https://www.jessjacobs.com/
When we scheduled Jess’s interview, we can’t exactly say we were surprised that she was squeezing us in between her movie premiere and a trip to Iceland… I mean, we did do our research on this reach-for-the-stars powerhouse. These days, when this bicoastal babe isn’t lighting up the stage or the silver screen, know what she’s using her voice for? Making a difference. From furthering her education through Human Rights studies to promoting causes like equality and female empowerment, she’s making noise for all the right reasons… and we trust she’ll be heard. “When I was younger I waited for someone to give me a voice, but you know what I realized? We’ve all been given the opportunity to speak up about the things we care about. It’s scary, it’s hard, but it’s also profoundly satisfying” (-Jess).

Here’s what else this inspiring difference-maker had to say…


“The thing that resonates with me consistently about the message of Katherine Cosmetics is female empowerment. It’s reminds me of the idea that we don’t have to ascribe to a male dominated world in order to be successful. It celebrates uniqueness and it celebrates being a fierce, cool woman or girl. Anytime that I can get involved with that, I seize the opportunity” (-Jess). Do you guys have chills yet? We sure do. Turns out Jess seizes many opportunities to support the ladies and spread the message of #girlpower. For instance, she’s a regular contributor to online platform, Estia Collective – a safe, creative space that exudes feminism and collaboration among women. Catch Jess and the other Estia Collective founders in Astoria, NY next month at ‘Estia for Change’, a benefit aimed at raising money for Choices Women’s Medical Center.


Before this inspirational 20-something was making waves in New York City, she started out West of the East Coast here in Southern California. Jess might have been born and raised among the palms and sunshine in San Diego, but she had her sights set on the Big Apple from the start.  She studied acting and art history at NYU and, though she’s been bi-coastal for the past few years, she craves that artistic community that surrounds her in New York City. “There’s a more grounded sense of global responsibility {in NYC}” (-Jess). Jess was recently accepted into a Human Rights Studies program at Columbia to maximize her skill set on tackling issues that she sees her community facing. She’ll be making a trip to Côte d’Ivoire in the near future to aid in the effort of providing women safe access to contraceptives.
jess-jacobs-katherine-girl-katherine-cosmetics-katherine-momentDespite the fact that her academic pursuits will keep her in NYC for the foreseeable future, her bustling acting career brings Jess back to California from time to time. She recently visited LA for the premiere of her latest film, Butterfly Caught, where she tackled a starring role. She’ll be heading back East soon, though, where she and producer Audrey Rosenberg are beginning their own production company. “I was turning down roles that were one-dimensional or weren’t empowering, so I decided that I had the capacity to take control and empower myself” (-Jess).

With so much already on her plate and on the horizon for this starlet, we were still tempted to ask what dreams she’s got for her future. Idolizing influential femmes like Gloria Steinem who came before her, here’s what Jess has on her long-term goal list: “I would like to create more opportunities for women to tell their stories” (-Jess). Does she think this important task is going to be easy? Of course not… but it’s going to be worth it. Here’s what she wants to remind young girls who are getting ready to take on the world: “The promise that the world is comfortable and fun is a false promise. It’s so important for me to make myself uncomfortable… in fact, growth is a product of discomfort” (-Jess). We know it’s tough bidding adieu to this inspirational Katherine Girl interview, but we’re thrilled that she extended the invite to keep the conversation going. Have a question or thought for this lovely lady? Jess encourages you to follow her on Instagram and send her a DM. She’s here for you and encourages you all to find your voice.

Insider Info  on Jess!

FUN FACTS: “This sounds made up but… I’m allergic to lemons! Waiters think I’m making it up when I say that in restaurants, but it’s true!” No making lemons out of lemonade for you, Jess! Also, Jess shared with us that her very best friend is none other than her dog, Leo. Too cute! Talk about ‘woman’s best friend’. XO

Favorite #KATHERINEMOMENT: “I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Katherine “Annie” Finch (Founder & CEO, Katherine Cosmetics) and she told me that she made a New Year’s Resolution to participate more and say ‘yes’ to more things (e.g.,  to an invite or to me-time) and I was like ‘girl, I’m adopting that!’ This is a woman who I respect so much and I was truly grateful for our moments sitting there, chatting, and holding our coffee cups.” That sounds like the epitome of a #katherinemoment to us!

Favorite #KATHERINE Products: “The problem is, I like them all – this is like picking a favorite child!” Jess did confess, though, that she loves mixing Debby J lipstick and Cloudy lipgloss. “It’s my favorite daytime to nighttime combo – so pretty but not too heavy.” Also, Jess gushed that the WOW Stick is one of the best creations ever because “who doesn’t want to be dewey and sun-protected at the same time (-Jess).”

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Stay tuned for our next Katherine Girl of the Month feature! Lots more #katherinemoments to come!
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