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Brunch is anything but seasonal, and is likely to score high on the favorite-meal-of-the-day scale any time of year. The exciting thing about brunch-time in the Springtime, though, is the overflow of ultra feminine and flowy brunch wear. The skirts get a little more playful, the lace and floral prints are in full bloom, and let’s not forget the shoes… lace-up heaven. The Katherine team is no stranger to feeling the brunch love… we’ve even made 4K coffee cups to prove it! Usually, we’re just in it for the pancakes and girl talk, but when Spring rolls around we enjoy playing dress-up in our brunch-wear-best. Below is a round-up of everything we love about our favorite meal of the day… including a few wardrobe rules-of-thumb that we’re planning to embrace this season. 😉

Life is Short, Wear the Dresskatherine-cosmetics-spring-dressesPhotos ℅: @kerrently, @juliahengel, @dannonkcollardmua

We all have that one dress (or two… maybe three) in our closet that we bought but haven’t had the courage or found the occasion to wear it yet. Guess what? Anything goes when it comes to Springtime brunching… especially dresses! Now cut the tags off and put your best dress forward!

Take it or Sleeve It

Photos ℅: @oliamajd, @lizadams, @livvyladblog

If you haven’t noticed, statement sleeves are having a moment. As far as we’re concerned, they could have all the time they need because they’re a welcomed addition to our beloved flowy tops. These easy breezy arm add-ons make your already feminine look a bit more flirty and fun… kind of gives a whole new meaning to ‘arm candy’! Speaking of arm candy… this Gucci bag is perfection!

Show Your Feminine Side
Photos ℅: @navygraceblog, @katherinecosmetics

With all the April showering and May flowering happening in Spring, it’s no wonder why florals and pink tones make their way into our wardrobes this time of year. When we think of femininity, a few things that come to mind are flowers, blush tones, lipgloss and perfume… aka: guidelines for selecting the perfect Spring outfit! Grab your favorite floral top, finesse your brows, and throw on some Cheneyville lipgloss with a spritz of Katherine Girl Fragrance… the perfect feminine combo!

Yes to Espadrilleskatherine-cosmetics-spring-shoes-espadrillesPhotos ℅: @juliahengel, @castanerofficial

Flats, wedges, neutral and colorful, this style of shoes has been reinventing itself for decades. We’re talking about the Espadrille. While we still see it this time of year in all of it’s many glorious forms, we’re currently coveting one style in particular: the lace-up. What is it about the additional ankle embellishment that makes this sometimes-super-casual shoe seem a bit more formal? Not quite sure, but they’ve got our brunch approval! Now head out and grab a mimosa, because…

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