Why Girls Shop Katherine


@maoteenil (Miss America’s Outstanding Teen)
“Being a #KatherineGirl means being confident in your own skin and embracing your inner beauty.”


@mikamckinney (Cancer Survivor and Collegiate Athlete)
“I am such a fan of your products and they bring joy and beauty to me in this time”


@Eventing_Hampton (equestrian)
“I love everything your company stands for. As an equestrian I support natural and cruelty free makeup. I could not stand the thought of animals being harmed for the selfish reason of me wanting to wear makeup. I also love that the makeup is natural looking and is smudgeproof so it’s perfect to wear to the barn or every day.”


@juliiielamore (equestrian)
“Not only do you have amazing products, but also they are not tested on animals. That is really important to me because I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, a guinea pig and a horse and they all mean the world to me . . . I would never want my animals to go through that!”

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