May Katherine Girl of the Month: Natalie Boyer


May Katherine Girl of the Month: Natalie Boyer

With Mother’s Day rolling around, we knew we wanted to do something extra special for our May Katherine Girl of the Month feature. This month, we interviewed not one, but two #katherinegirls, and we’re proud to introduce mother-daughter duo: Natalie & Laura Boyer! Many congratulations to this month’s features! Keep reading for twice the fun and double the #katherinemoments.
Meet Natalie
Katherine Girl of the Month: Natalie Boyer
AGE: 18
GRADE: HS Senior
INSTAGRAM: @nataliejboyer

While Natalie always seems to have a smile on her face, she sounded especially upbeat when we spoke with her last Friday afternoon. It was only minutes after having finished up the last final exam of her high school career. Turns out, this 18-year old varsity lacrosse captain, a-capella singing, soon-to-be-graduate has plenty to smile about that completely surpasses her post-finals glow. Despite all of the talk of ‘finals’, ‘finishing’ high school, ‘end’-of-the-school-year, the truth is…
…Natalie’s journey is just beginning.
This almost high-school-graduate is on the brink of becoming a college freshman at Yale University (pause for applause). Natalie clearly has a ton to look forward to, but she’s still fully embracing her last days of high school. As captain of the varsity lacrosse team, she excitedly reminded us that she still had a game to catch that upcoming weekend! Between Lacrosse, Madrigals (honors acapella group), and all the wondrous things that led to her acceptance into college, Natalie doesn’t have much time for the unnecessary, which is why Katherine Cosmetics fits so nicely into her daily routine. “In addition to the uniqueness and positivity of the brand, I love the utility of all of the products and how they work together. There’s no fluff stuff that you don’t need – just essentials” (-Natalie). Not sure we could have summed it up any better, Natalie!


With high school nearly behind her we had to see what advice Natalie had for our younger Katherine Girls. Whether it’s settling on a major or deciding where to go to college, here’s what Natalie recommends: “Definitely trust your own instincts. It’s great to ask for help and suggestions, but when it comes down to it, be sure you’re making your own decisions” (-Natalie). What does Natalie intend to study in the Fall? She’s not quite sure yet, but she did already test the waters by attending some Junior-Senior level classes at Yale last Summer. Natalie participated in Yale Young Global Scholars, a program for environmental sustainability and energy. “I was excited because I got to learn about topics that we don’t get exposed to a lot in school. Also, I was able to take the experience back home and make my everyday life more sustainable and self-sufficient. The program was so unique, and the people and courses were definitely what drew me to apply last Fall” (-Natalie). We know it’s not always easy to step outside of our comfort zones, which is why we loved hearing about Natalie fully immersing herself into new learning experiences. If the determination we’ve seen in this young woman thus far is any indication of how she’ll thrive in college (and beyond), we have no doubt that she’s headed toward an adventurous road to success.

katherine-cosmetics-natalie-katherine-girl-of-the-monthIn getting to know Natalie, we’ve discovered what a strong sense of community she has. We were thrilled to learn this is exactly what she loves about being a Katherine Girl. “It’s being helpful to new friends, being a part of a community, and just being a supportive person in general” (Natalie). Okay, if words could hug, Natalie’s quotes are squeezing us up a storm!  We were fortunate to have Natalie intern with us last Summer and loved hearing her reminisce about her time at Katherine HQ. “I still remember how nice it was meeting everyone on my first day… and then going home and sharing the makeup with my friends – they fell in love!” (-Natalie) We’re overjoyed to have Natalie as a part of our #allthingskatherine community. So, we were pleased to hear she’s been an active member of her own as well. “I’ve participated in the National Charity League with my mom since 6th grade… I really enjoy it” (Natalie)! This mother-daughter organization facilitates a host of leadership and philanthropy endeavors, and here’s why Natalie loves being involved: “I’m fortunate to have been given so many opportunities in my life so this is a great chance for me to give back to others” (Natalie). Oh, and of course Natalie shared that she loved being part of the NCL with someone she’s going to miss so much when she leaves for Yale: her mom. While it’s clear that being charitable comes naturally to Natalie, we’re betting that her lifelong supply of guidance and support helped nudge her in the right direction. Which (ahem) brings us to our next feature….

Bonus Q + A with Natalie’s Mom: Meet Laura

We jumped at the chance to get to know the mom behind this month’s spotlight! With a background in journalism and experience working on some major publications, this now stay-at-home-mom was bursting with pride at her daughter’s feature.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we of course asked this heartwarming duo what they’re plans were for the upcoming holiday. While neither of them were sure of the exact itinerary they both knew this for certain…

…they’ll be spending it together.

 INSIDER INFO on Natalie & Laura!

Favorite KatherineMOMents:

NATALIE: “I used to horseback ride when I was younger and I remember how great it was having my mom at all of my shows… just being there to support me.”

LAURA: “In general, my favorite moments are any time I get so spend with my family or close friends. Those are the relationships that fuel my life and it’s just so gratifying to be together. Specifically, I love volunteering in our community with my daughters (Natalie & younger sister, Grace).” Laura’s been involved with mother-daugher org. National Charity League for 7 years… talk about #katherinemoment overload!

Favorite #KATHERINE Products:

NATALIE’S Favorites: “Cloudy is my all time favorite – I get so much use out of it! I also love the eyeliner because it’s so versatile… and I love that smudge brush! Ah, I’m also always wearing the Katherine Girl Fragrance! It’s literally my favorite perfume” (-Natalie). Okay, Natalie clearly could not pick one favorite… which we love. xo

LAURA’S Favorites: “I’m an Eyeliner addict.. it’s so great, especially for someone who is busy like most of us are… and the blending brush on the end is such a nice feature! Other favorites are all of the products with SPF, especially the WOW Stick and Tara Lipstick. I use those all the time living in SoCal!” So do we, Laura… so do we. 😉 Laura also loves that she doesn’t have to worry about what’s in the Katherine products. Katherine Cosmetics is always cruelty free, gluten free, and paraben free. We take out the bad stuff and put the skin-loving ingredients in – so that’s one less mom worry!

Shop Natalie’s + Laura’s Favorites!
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