November Katherine Girl of the Month: Meet Grace

Hey beauties!  We’ve got some pretty exciting news for you.  Katherine Cosmetics in now an international company.  That’s right!  You can now buy Katherine Cosmetic products in Canada.  And it’s all thanks to this month’s incredibly driven and entrepreneurial Katherine Girl of the Month, 14-year-old Grace Hamilton!

We’re pretty blown away with this hard-working and determined #KatherineGirl, and we’re so excited to tell you all about her. Congratulations Grace!

Do you live in Canada and want to learn more about becoming a #KatherineGirl or #KatherineGuy?  Click here.

Meet Grace Hamilton

Katherine Girl of the Month: Grace Hamilton

Age: 14

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Instagram Handles:




We caught up with Grace the day after the Katherine Cosmetics website launched in Canada.  As you can imagine, this teenager turned businesswoman had a lot be happy about!  I mean, she had just helped start the Canadian division of Katherine Cosmetics (with some help from #Katherinemom Michele Hamilton).  Talk about a #Katherinemoment!

How did she do it?  According to Grace, who is also a competitive equestrian, it all started by simply saying yes.


How Grace is Creating Her Own Future

Grace, who lives in the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, first heard of Katherine Cosmetics from fellow equestrian and original #KatherineGirl Lillie Keenan. A self-described “makeup girl”, Grace said she was super excited to try the Katherine Cosmetics products but she was disappointed to learn that the company didn’t ship outside of the United States.

As luck would have it, though, Grace ran into Katherine Cosmetics founder, Katherine “Annie’ Finch, at a horse show in Florida just a few weeks later. Grace said she and Annie got to talking about how great it would be to bring the Katherine Cosmetic products to Canada, and within thirty minutes, Grace said she had made up her mind to make it happen. “I thought, “I am in Canada. I can figure out a way to do this!”

And Grace has done just that! These days Grace, who attends an on-line high school called SIDES, is running the Canadian branch of Katherine Cosmetics out of four dresser drawers in her house. Pretty awe-inspiring, right?

What does Grace like best about being a part of the #Katherinefamily?  “I love how Katherine Cosmetics is all about lifting people up.  It’s not a competitive program. Anyone can be part the community.  It’s all about spreading kindness and love.”

All About Grace’s Other Love

But Grace isn’t all business.  She is also passionate about riding and showing horses. It didn’t start out that way, though. Grace said she didn’t even want to ride ponies when she was younger. The truth is, she said she had her heart set on getting a zebra. “I was obsessed with zebras. It was a horrible day when my mom told me you can’t ride zebras. I had to settle on a horse.”

These days, Grace enjoys showing in the Children’s Hunter and Equitation divisions on her horse, Alaska, at both local shows and at Thunderbird Show Park in Vancouver.  She said she hopes to start showing internationally someday soon, including heading to Southern California to show at HITS Coachella Desert Circuit.

As an equestrian, it should come as no surprise that Grace has a soft spot for organizations that help animals.  She sais she feels strongly about supporting charities, like the ASPCA, that help find new homes for abused and neglected animals.  For Grace, it’s personal. “My first horse, Bentley, did not come from a great place.  He was abused.”

What does the future hold fort his upbeat and outgoing go-getter?

Grace says she’s determined to work hard to build the Katherine Cosmetics business in Canada.  She also plans to keep on riding with an eye towards one day becoming a professional.

Whatever she decides to do, one thing is for sure: Grace will keep following her dreams. “If you’re aren’t really committed to something, it will feel like a lot of effort.  But if you’re doing something you’re really passionate about, it will never feel like a chore.”

We couldn’t agree more, Grace.  Congratulations #KatherineGirl!


Insider Info on Grace

Fun Facts:

Are you curious to learn how you get to a horse show when you live on an island?  We sure were!  Grace said it’s easy: you just take a ferry.  The horses don’t seem to mind going by boat the 60-miles to the mainland, Grace said, although they can sometimes get spooked when the boat blows its horn or curious passengers try to pet them.

Favorite #Katherinemoment:

Grace said one her favorite #Katherinemoments came while winning on her horse, Bentley, in the Junior/Amateur Jumper division at Thunderbird Show Park in Vancouver last August. “It was crazy.  Here I was on my backyard rescue pony and I was Champion!  It didn’t feel real. He’s a very special horse with a lot of heart.”

Favorite Katherine Products:

As a Katherine Cosmetics distributor, Grace is a lucky girl.  She gets to try every Katherine product (in every color)! And we know how much she appreciates that all the Katherine Cosmetics products are all-natural and cruelty free. Here are some of her favorites.

Her Favorite Products:

K-Sport WOW Stick SPF 20: Grace said she loves that when she uses this product she looks just as good when she comes home after a long day as she did when she left in the morning. “This product really lasts.  It does not even rub off in my helmet when I ride.”

The Katherine Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palettes:  When she wants to have a bit more fun with her look, Grace said she likes to use these eye shadows.  “These are great to use when you’re going out.”

The Brow Solution: Grace is all about having perfect brows! Let’s just admit it. Aren’t we all?  Grace said she loves using this product to get a photo-ready look that really lasts.


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