How To: Summertime All the Time

How To: Summertime All the Time

Summertime is coming to a close, and has been filled with all our favorite #KatherineMoments: morning sweat sessions at Corepower Yoga, brunch by the beach with our A+ Friends, and refreshing happy hour cocktails (que the Sangria in hand, please). Since we’ve got our makeup bags stocked and ready (K-Sport Beauty…Date Night Beauty… need I say more?) we created this day-to-night look book to shine some makeup inspiration on our favorite products. They’ll leave you feeling confident and glowing, no matter what the occasion.

Morning Workout Never Looked So Good

Katherine Cosmetics Summertime K-Sport Look

Confession time… we all need a little extra push (or a lot) to run a little faster and work a little harder in the gym. K-Sport Beauty helps us get there! Working out is all about feeling confident and empowered. So why let the thought of raccoon eyes and flushed skin intimidate you? (Problem solved, here’s how!)

Whether breaking a sweat at Corepower Yoga (one of our favorite sweat-sesh spots), or opting for a scenic hike, we know your makeup needs to cover all the sweat and smudge-proof bases, while also maintaining that light and refreshing coverage. No wonder our #1 rated eyeliner is hot yoga approved! Start your morning off with a few swipes of the waterproof Everyday Eyeliner and Brow Solution to give your eyes that much needed morning wake-up call (along with a cup of coffee… or two). Finish off your pre-workout look with a touch of the “WOW” Stick and Everyday Concealer to brighten up your face. There’s no need to worry about the heavy coverage of foundation.

It’s Brunch O’clock Somewhere

Nothing screams summertime like our favorite meal of the day… B R U N C H. And let’s be honest, with brunch comes all the necessary insta posts and snapchat stories that come along with it (no shame in the game ladies). It’s so important to have quality time with your girlfriends to destress and catch up over Coffee Talk, and it’s even better to feel good while doing it!

For the perfect mid-day look, we love to get creative and pair our outfits with our favorite shades from all three Natural Eye Shadow Palettes! Add some Warm Bronze to the mix, and your skin will radiate with that sun-kissed glow!

Night on the Town

Katherine Cosmetics Date Night Beauty Look

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out on the town or a hot date, it’s time to be bold. The goal here is to shake up your normal makeup routine and have some fun! Pull out your favorite red lipstick (A+ Friends Lipsticks have you covered) and opt for a Smokey-eye, and all eyes will be on you. Our Happy Hour Eye Shadow Palette holds the perfect color combinations for a paint-the-town evening. You know it’s true when the shades are inspired by our favorite go-to cocktails! We love to highlight, contour, and glow with our All Over Face Powders, so our face glistens just as much as our glass of bubbly (cheers to that!)

And if you’re like us, nothing screams pre-date jitters more than picking out the right outfit. Check out Refinery29 for some outfit inspiration, we know we couldn’t live without it!

Now it’s your turn… ready, set, go!!

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