This One’s for the #KatherineMoms

There’s lots to love about the month of May. Flowers are in bloom, days keep growing longer and dreamier. Most importantly, though, there’s a whole holiday devoted to celebrating those leading ladies in our lives. You know, the ones who originally taught us to ‘feel confident… and pretty’. Mother’s Day is quite possibly our favorite holiday at Katherine HQ. I mean… it’s pretty inevitable when you work for a brand whose groundwork is built on Motherly love. You guys know the story behind our 4K logo right? Well, for any of you who are new to the party, get ready for some serious MOM-spiration.

katherine-cosmetics-4k-logoWhile a lot of thoughtful consideration, planning and hard work went into building Katherine Cosmetics, one of the easiest things for our Founder and CEO, Katherine “Annie” Finch, was selecting the name. Okay, maybe it wasn’t easy… but she knew it was going to be in tribute to her inspiring namesakes. As a fourth generation Katherine, “Annie” comes from a long lineage of strong, confident women who taught her that she could be and do anything that she wanted in life. Katherine embraced this message and built her entire brand around this inspiring notion, thus empowering women all over the world to adopt the ‘Katherine Confidence’.

While there’s no shortage of love and laughter at Katherine Headquarters, among our top fave moments are those when Katherine’s mom (or ‘Mama Katherine’ as she’s affectionately called at our office) stops in for a visit! You simply cannot have too many positive female role models in your life… am I right, ladies? Though her appearances aren’t as frequent as we’d like (her schedule is busier than ours!) we love hearing stories about mother-daughter chats from Katherine! “I think I’m a Katherine Girl” she said to ‘Annie’ after hearing stories of our ever-increasing numbers of girls embracing our brand. “Mom, you’re the ORIGINAL Katherine Girl,” Annie reminded her.

Is the meaning behind our beloved logo beginning to make sense?
4K’s – one brand – countless women inspired.

If you’re wondering what to gift your mom this Mother’s Day, why not honor her with something from a brand whose foundation is so deeply rooted in Motherly love? Take advantage of our Mother’s Day promotion which grants you a FREE A+ Friends Lipstick with every purchase of
Katherine Girl – The Fragrance!

We’d love to hear about your favorite #KatherineMOMents… comment below with a memory or tell us how you plan to spend Mother’s Day this year! Spread the Mom-Love by sharing this post with friends (using the social buttons at the top of this page). xxoo

Love to the ladies who taught us to “feel confident… and pretty”… our Moms.

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From your Katherine team. xxoo

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