How to Become a Makeup Brand Ambassador


Hey gorgeous! Are you obsessed with using our Katherine Natural Cosmetics makeup? Do you love sharing how pretty and confident our cruelty-free, all-natural products make you feel? How about being part of a positive and encouraging community that’s committed to giving back and making the world a better place?

If so, we’ve got the dream job for you. Come join our Katherine Natural Cosmetics family as a makeup brand ambassador!


Here at Katherine Natural Cosmetics, we love working with women and men who adore using our luxury, non-toxic makeup. Whether you’re heading to spin class, prepping for work, or getting glammed up for date night, we make products to help you feel your best!

But we also think it’s what’s in the inside that matters. It’s a value that comes directly from our company founder, Katherine “Annie” Finch. She’s the latest in a line of strong women who believe that that yes, you really can accomplish anything you want in life (and look great doing it too!).


Our #Katherinegirls and #Katherineguys share this same philosophy! As our makeup brand ambassadors, this incredible group of positive and talented people honor our unique Katherine heritage with their passion, hard work, and kindness.

And they are always the first to volunteer to help make a difference in our communities … one eyeliner at a time. Each month, we donate $1 from every sale of one of our products to a charity. And we always donate part of every sale of our A+ Friends Lipstick Collection to the chosen charity.


What could be more fun than supporting a brand you love? And getting compensated to do it? Our #Katherinegirls and #Katherineguys score lots of perks. This includes free products, exclusive discounts, invites to private parties, and early access to new launches. We also also offer our brand ambassadors a chance to earn money from referral purchases through our affiliate program.


Typical Makeup Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

Want this life? Here’s a few tips on how to it happen.

Rock Your Own Unique Makeup Style

Be your own beautiful self! While it’s easy to compare yourself to other influencers, it’s more important to showcase your own look. Remember, yours posts should always represent your individual style and personality. That’s why people follow you!

Be Active On Social Media

One of the best ways to attract a brand is to post consistently on social media. And to always use high-quality images. Also, it helps to show the company some love by posting about their products and tagging them in your photos.


Team Up with Brand You Genuinely Like

Make sure the brand you decide to work with are ones you actually you love, use and would recommend to your followers. Most of all, people follow you to get the inside scoop on the products. This includes tips on how to use them, and what they feel, and what they look like.

Always Conduct Yourself in a Professional Manner

Also, take the time to make sure you understand the roles and responsibilities. No matter how cool it sounds to work with a brand, you don’t want to commit yourself to something if you can’t follow through.

How to Become a Katherine Cosmetics Brand Ambassador


Whether you’re a makeup blogging babe or just crushing on our Katherine Natural Cosmetics natural, non-toxic makeup, it’s time to join our #Katherinefamily! Our Katherine Natural Cosmetics makeup brand ambassador program is the perfect way for you to share everything you love about using our makeup products and being part of our awesome Katherine community.

The Perks

• Free makeup products
• Great discounts
• Invites to exclusive, private parties
• Pre-access to new launches
• Opportunities to takeover our Snapchat
• Chance to be featured as a Katherine Girl of the Month 
• Receive our monthly e-mail with a behind-the-scenes look at everything going on in our Katherine Cosmetics world. This includes information on you can participate in upcoming events!
• Opportunity to join our makeup brand ambassador affiliate program

The Responsibilities

• Take and share photos on your social media accounts
• Write reviews of our products
• Join our annual Katherine Girl Give Back Week. We donate 15 percent of all sales made during this week to that charity!
• Inspire others by living the Katherine lifestyle by being kind, positive, empathetic and generous

The Details

It’s super easy to get started! Just download our app or apply here


Know someone who should be our next Katherine Girl of the Month? Nominate her by sending an email here explaining why she’d make a great feature! Share this post (using the buttons at the top of this page) to spread the word about #KatherineGirl of the Month!

From your Katherine team. xxoo

We love being social…



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    Can i become your lipstick model or ambassador

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