Our Story

    • Welcome to our Katherine Natural  Cosmetics adventure. 

    • So excited to put our Katherine story into words. Hopefully it’s not too long and brings some inspiration and sparkle to your world. ( definitely some highlighter glow  ) 
    • The idea of starting a makeup company started with me leaving my corporate career, that spanned roles from Makeup Artist to VP for over 20 years at the largest beauty company in the world.

    • The truth, I fell in love, planned a wedding, and  It was time for me to stop looking out of my 40th floor 5th  Avenue office window and start exploring all that life had to offer. 

    • While my office moved into my favorite horse farm, my love of makeup grew even stronger. Realizing I could make products we actually needed and wanted, and I could share them in places we were all spending our time. (computers and phones) 

    • The challenge was on, in more ways than one...I’ll save that for another post. We needed multi tasking, travel friendly, long wearing, productive ( and pretty ) products ASAP. 
    • Katherine Natural Cosmetics was born, and in our development process, with my name on the box ( as you would do with yours ) we made sure we never put in any harmful ingredients. While we were at it, we added ingredients that were good for you, moisturizing and protective for your skin. Making every product Non-Toxic,  Paraben and gluten free!
    • As we continued development, forged ahead as a woman owned business, and I continued riding horses and raising Siena the golden retriever, it had to be Cruelty Free this is always non negotiable !
    • We started with the original 5 Everyday beauty products. Guessing you have at least one in your bag now. 
    Automatic Eyeliner - hot yoga and equestrian tested, we attached a real blending brush. ( Best seller ) 
    Fave Concealer - coverage with healing arnica 
    Creme Blush Sticks - multi tasking w Shea butter for lips and cheeks. 
    Lash Loving Mascara - silk extracts and olive oil moisturize and lengthen your lashes 
    Shimmering  Lipgloss - a hint of mango vanilla, never sticky. 

    • The rest continued quickly (as everyone was asking)  with our active lifestyles, the K- Sport Beauty collection was launched.  In need of a Sunscreen Primer  and SPF in lipgloss. The WOW stick ( started out small and was in such demand - the larger size came next  ) 
    • We followed with Date Night - you can see the shimmers and shine from Bronzers. Highlighters  and Eyeshadow Palettes. 
    As the collections unfolded each time reminded us of why and how. 

    Our Shea buttery balm lipstick collection was a partnership with my A+friends. We launched  Giving Back lipstick Picking shades and shimmers with people that have played key roles in all the moments of my life,  the good and the bad  ( weddings - moves - celebrations and hardships ) Colors of gratitude for my #katherinegirls 

    My life throughout the years has always revolved around giving back to the community, people and causes that need support. Katherine had and will always be an extension of that journey. From Giving back lipstick, to #katherinegirls giving back week, to ASPCA during Holiday to BCRF in October. 
    The ability to give to others fills your heart and theirs and it is at the core of what we believe. #katherinecares

    So as this long story concludes, or continues into what I call it’s teenage years,  you can see why we love Katherine Natural Cosmetics. We love doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is,creating pretty and productive products. that bring you joy, laughter and a little glam when you need it. 
    Our makeup philosophy is always - wear makeup for yourself ( we make it easy, and natural)  so you feel confident - the way you want, so  you have the confidence to follow your dreams and make a difference in the world. 

    As the journey unfolds we are thrilled lots of you have joined us ... we call you #katherinegirls ( an attitude not an age ) you can officially join our family or just follow the journey on social. 

    I’m a 4th generation Katherine Girl,  as you can see in our logo. Traditions that remind us girls can do, and be anything they want in life. 

    Putting on our eyeliner along with my favorite new Katherine products reminds me of this everyday, and I hope it can remind you too. 

    Wishing you love, laughter,  and the strength and courage to follow your dreams.