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  • Sparkle for New Years

    Time to sparkle with a special set, our Kindness eyeshadow palette and the sparkling citrus jasmine and magnolia of Katherine Girl The Fragrance !!  Time for Confidence Kindness some Celebrations ...
  • Kindness Fall Eyeshadow Value Set

    Your new Modern Nudes KINDNESS Eyeshadow Palette with a hint of Sparkle now teamed up with the 5 Star Eyeliner in Royal Plum and Double ended Eyeshadow Brush.    Time...
  • Bronzer Bundle - Vacation mode !!

    Some Katherine Girl  adventures inspired our “Bronze Bundle” when you need a little glow up and protection. Fastest way to refresh and glow on your Spring vacation 👙 or just down...
  • Lipgloss Loving Bundle

    It’s time for some Spring Flings .. with a little Mango and Vanilla.  Our butter glosses ( never sticky ) a 3 pack to take you from beach days to...
  • Wedding Love Eyeshadow Bundle

    Spring makeup trends - Aux Natural. Your 3 favorites for a Spring update - the look is natural EYES - perfectly done.  Grab your friends and head to happy hour....
  • Wedding Gifts

    Bridal Bundle - Custom 💗💍 💐   Email us for your special #katherinewedding offers. Xo 
  • Love Lashes & Adhesive - Full

    Get your favorite @battington Full Look Lashes and Adhesive. #katherinegirl approved  !!  💕 Silk 3D Lashes  💕 lux Adhesive  💕 25 wears  💕 flexible bands - light weight  💕Cruelty Free ...
  • Love Lashes & Adhesive - Natural

    Get your favorite @battington Lashes and Adhesive !! #katherinegirl loved !!  💕 Silk 3D Lashes 💕 Lux Adhesive   💕 25 wears  💕 flexible bands - light weight  💕Cruelty Free   ...
  • Katherine Girl - Bundle

    A special love bundle with three of your Katherine Girl favorites.  Katherine Girl - The Fragrance  Filled with top notes of clean Citrus Grapefruit for that crisp fresh energy...  Then...
  • Happy Hour Eyeshadow LOVE Bundle

    The Happiest hours are true love, family and maybe puppies too .. but a new Eyeshadow Palette  and your best friends for happy hour are a close second.  We were...
  • Wardrobe Eyeshadow LOVE Bundle

    We LOVE fashion ... so it only made sense to create a wardrobe bundle, with our favorite Eyeshadow  palette inspired by cashmere - denim and some crushed velvet. “Feel confident ......
  • Lipgloss Love trio

    When you’re a lipgloss lover ... time to fall in love. Three shades  filled with Mango - Vanilla natural flavor... never sticky - naturally glossy.  Three shades we should all be...
  • Gift Card Katherine Cosmetics

    Let them choose their shades and products from $10, $25, $50, $100 with a Gift Card for your favorite Katherine Girl / Guy. The perfect gift, for your makeup, loving...
    From $10.00
  • “5-Star Waterproof Eyeliner" Bundle

      Get all four of our 5 Star  Eyeliners in this value bundle!    Bonanza Black  ●  Cessna Brown    Royal Plum  ●  Champion Blue     --   “Cult...
  • Equestrian - "Sweat Sesh" Bundle

      Everyday Mascara ($25) ● Cloudy Lip Gloss ($22) ● WOW Stick ($36) "Equestrian - Sweat Sesh" Value Bundle   Value:  $85   Price:  $45   Includes:  Everyday Mascara, Cloudy...
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