Katherine Girl Makeup Ambassador Task Force

Hi Everyone !!

We are back...When it was time to create the next generation of The Katherine Girl Ambassador Team, Aka KG 2.0 ( as I have just returned to owning / running my namesake Brand again - that's another story ) The qualities we would promote became even more clear: 

Confidence, Strength, Courage ...and Kindness, with a passion for Cruelty Free, Natural Beauty.

As the Katherine Girl team has been a backbone of the Katherine Brand, it was important to get in touch with what is happening for Girls in the World today, and what we need (OK want ) from our Beauty Products. 

The Task Force was born, 12 Girls some previous Katherine Girls, some Equestrian Lovers, some Social Justice Advocates, or Social Media Beauty Butterflies, all chosen to share their thoughts, the honest truth and the joy of participating and shaping the future of our #katherinegirl world. And all of them Kind, Strong, Smart, Passionate, Beautiful Girls. 

We thought our first BLOG should be a warm, enthusiastic welcome introduction  to our Task Force. You will see some familiar, and some new faces, all with huge smiles and hearts...we added their IG handles so you can follow along. 

To join our growing family - or rejoin follow the link bellow. We have added the ability to raise $ for your own side hustle, or support your favorite Charity.  We love #givingback 

Learn More About being a Katherine Girl Makeup Ambassador 

You will see more of this FAB team on individual posts. They are ultimate Katherine Girls - working hard following their dreams, participating in life, each in their own individual way, with their own Fave Katherine Products , from Eyeliners, Eyeshadows to WOW Sticks and more. 


Join The Team  Katherine Girls Making a difference in the world. 

Makeup Ambassador Katherine Girl


FOLLOW our IG World @katherine_natural_cosmetics 


Thank you for being a part of our adventure. I am grateful for the opportunity to create this community for all of us to share, and for being able to make a difference in the world one lipgloss at a time. 

Katherine  (Annie)  xxoo 






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  • Katherine Morey

    Love the amazing products, love the website, love the beautiful people and their doggie friends.

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