Katherine Girls Host Coffee & Kindness

At Katherine Girl Beauty we believe everyone has to power to make the world a better place....today it's one cup of coffee at a time. The Power of Coffee & Kindness. 

When you meet people with kind giving hearts and learn about the difference they are making in the world, we had to share, and our favorite way is over coffee with friends. 

If you are a West Coast Local join us Thursday April 18th at the newly renovated to perfection resort, The Inn in Rancho Santa Fe. From 9-11  (we will be there @8) For an open house morning with coffee and treats, to meet the founder and learn about VISION GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT.




Our hearts skipped a beat when we learned that for $30 a month we can sponsor a deaf student in Ethiopia - and a meal  everyday. 

The thing about beauty is the more kindness you can give, the more beautiful you are. It's a special glow, that Highlighter can't give you (even though we love ours) 

At Katherine we believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and have choices and opportunities  So for now we are skipping a couple stops and Starbucks so we can educate children in need. 

Click on the links to learn more about Greg and Visions Global Empowerment 

Click on the link for The Inn in Rancho Santa Fe to see the most beautiful place - that is sponsoring our Coffee & Kindness - it makes it even more beautiful.


Swipe on your Eyeliner and Chapstick and let's do this together Katherine Girls. 

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