Meet Katherine Girl of the Month Chloe Winkler


Hey beauties! It’s Katherine here. And I’m so excited to introduce you to this month’s Katherine Girl of the Month Chloe Winkler! This kind, smart and ultra talented college junior —  and Katherine Cosmetics intern — is one of our all-time favorite #Katherinegirls! 

As you know, Katherine Cosmetics has become way more than lipgloss. Our growing #Katherinegirl community is a special place where we can support each other, learn from each other and of course, share our love of pretty things. We are stronger and better together.

Personally, I so grateful to have Miss Chloe in my life! And once you read about her, I know you will feel the same way too. Congratulations Chloe! 



Hometown: San Diego, California
School: University of San Diego
Age: 20
Instagram: @chloewinkler



What is your favorite way to give back or volunteer?

I have two favorite charities that are near and dear to me. These are Promises2Kids and Voices for Children. Both work with the over 3,000 foster youth in San Diego. Each year, a local donor provides the support for these organizations to host a Back to School Shopping event and Holiday Shopping Event where the foster youth are able to come on a few different weekends during both times of the year and shop for whatever they need to be successful at school, and then for anything to make the holidays feel a little special. I have volunteered and helped at these events for the past six years and look forward to them every season.

Who are your top 3 fave beauty and fashion blogger to follow?


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What are your top 3 fave Katherine Cosmetics makeup products and why?

Sybil Brow Solution: My mom has always told me that your eyebrows frame your face and that even if you don’t have make-up on, you need to brush your brows. The Sybil Brow Solution is easy, fool-proof, and always makes my brows look good. Dark enough to fill them, but light enough that they aren’t obviously filled.

Royal Plum Eyeliner: I have very green eyes and the plum color of this liner makes them pop. I also love the brush at the end because I can soften it for a day-time look, or smoke it out for night time.

Coffee Talk Palette: I love this palette. It’s perfect for everyday, transitions easily from day to night, and goes with any outfit or “look.” It is one hundred percent my “go-to” Katherine product.


What’s your beauty routine?

I am not someone who has a very extensive beauty routine, but I have the most fun doing my eyes. They are definitely the feature I play up the most, and I find it really fun that there’s so many different ways you can do them.

Where was your favorite vacation? Where is your dream spot to visit ?

My favorite vacation so far was to Florence, Italy. I loved the cobblestone streets, the history of the city, the country side was breathtaking, and I was just absolutely obsessed with it. My dream vacation spot is to Tahiti. I love being on the beach and really want to stay in one of those hotels with the huts over the water.

Who is your BFF and why?

This is hard to answer because I am lucky enough to have so many great friends and friends from all different areas of life, but my longest and for sure forever BFF is Emma Pedersen (@emmagpedersen). We have known each other since before Kindergarten, have been through everything, know each better than anyone else, and know we can always lean on each other. Other BFFs include Miela Gross, who is also a #Katherinegirl, Mariah Furtek, and Lydia Picoli.

What’s your fave sport or hobby? Why? How old were you when you started?

My favorite sport and also how I met founder Katherine “Annie” Finch is horseback riding. I have been riding since I was six and there are no plans to get off the horses anytime soon. It is my favorite sport for more reasons than I could ever list, but the main thing I find so amazing about it is the connection with this animal that is three times of the size of the person riding it and the bond you create with them. Nothing feels as good or can me smile like running around on the back of a horse.

What’s your dream job?

I am still in the process of figuring out what my true dream job is. I either want to be an attorney or pursue something in real estate.

Who inspires you and why?

I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people that inspire me each day. One is, of course, Katherine “Annie” Finch, who I am lucky enough to call both a boss, mentor, and friend. I have seen Katherine Cosmetics become what it is since the very first day and watched how Annie has not only celebrated the hard earned accomplishments, but also how she has handled any adversity with grace and dignity and being the quintessential #KatherineGirl. She knew what her dream was, went out and got it, and never let anyone get in her way, which is all I can hope to do for myself.
The next person, and my ultimate inspiration, is my mom. She is the best mom anybody could ever ask for and has done more for both my sister and I could even begin to thank her for. We love you Linda!


What’s your go-to outfit right now?

My go-to or “uniform,” since I seem to wear some version of it everyday, is a pair of blue or dark jeans with a white or black t-shirt, a good belt, and either boots, slides, or sneakers, and a bomber jacket if it’s cold.

What social media do you like best?

Instagram! Without a question!!

What is your favorite food?

This is a tough question, but I’m going with the Farmer’s Garden smoothie from Whole Foods. Kale, orange juice, spinach, strawberries, and a little banana.

What does being a #Katherinegirl mean to you?

Being a #Katherinegirl means being confident, courageous, strong, and most importantly kind. It means enjoying everything that makes you, you, being grateful for what you have, and giving back to the community around you that lets you be all those things.


Want to learn more about becoming a Katherine Cosmetics Brand Ambassador? 
We’d love to have have you join our Katherine family!! 


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