Six ways Makeup can improve your Mental Health

We pride ourselves on Makeup that makes you feel Confident and Pretty and now we have the facts to provide it from the Medical Device News Magazine. 

1. Improved  Self Esteem 

2. Creativity is a proven mood booster 

3. Makeup  is a great way to take a break 

4. Rituals are calming 

5. Makeup is empowering 

6. Makeup makes you feel in control 

 Read the below from The Medical Device News Magazine - we always knew this was true, but now we have proof. 

So when we say life is better with Sparkle and Eyeliner it really is 💗🙏 Katherine Girl !! 


 The Medical Device News Magazine writes: 

Makeup is often scoffed at as something that women simply do. Obsessions about skincare and cosmetics are considered vain, and many people complain about women wearing too much makeup. However, a bold red lip or flawless cat eye is much more than a fashionable fad. Makeup is terrific for your mental health.

Improved Self-Esteem

Feeling poorly about themselves often leads to a downward spiral that impacts every area of their lives. Individuals with low self-esteem are more likely to have mental health issues like anxiety and depression. It can be challenging to perform at work when you don’t feel good about yourself. Makeup is a great way to regain confidence in yourself and everything you do.

Another fantastic way to increase self-esteem is through more permanent cosmetic procedures. As people age, they are more prone to sagging skin. Cosmetic procedures, such as a facelift, can help you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror. Check out for more information, including recovery time.

Creativity Is A Proven Mood Booster

Makeup is a beautiful way to let your creative side out. When people sit down with an eyeshadow palette, they start to get ideas about eyeshadow looks. Makeup provides the perfect opportunity for an artist to go to work; her face is the ideal canvas. Playing with colors and different finishes and experimenting with new looks is a great way to let the creative part of your brain take over temporarily.

Once you start enjoying creative activities, like having fun with makeup, your brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that’s known for boosting your mood. This natural antidepressant can help alleviate anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Makeup Is A Great Way To Take A Break

We all need a break from the stress of life. When a person does nothing but work or takes care of other responsibilities, it’s stressful for the brain. It doesn’t take long for a person to feel burnt out, depressed and anxious about life. Makeup helps your brain create those natural feel-good chemicals, like dopamine, to give you a much needed break from stress.

Rituals Are Calming

Individuals with anxiety often find daily rituals calming. These can include morning and nighttime rituals. Makeup involves the morning ritual of makeup application. However, skin care is necessary if you wear makeup daily, creating another ritual to calm anxious feelings further.

Makeup and skincare go further to calm down those with mental illnesses. When you touch your skin, it releases oxytocin. Once your body begins to release this hormone, it encourages the production and release of other stress-reducing chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine. Applying makeup and having a skincare routine involves touching your skin quite a bit, which can instantly make you feel calmer.

Makeup Is Empowering

When you combine the feel-good chemicals applying makeup releases with a severe boost in self-confidence, you can’t help but feel like makeup gives you the ability to take on the world. A flawless eyeliner wing gives you the courage to conquer a fear of public speaking. Bold lip colors help you hold your head high during a job interview. Putting on makeup feels like putting on war paint before running into battle. It makes you feel like you can take on any challenge and succeed.

It’s important to note that swiping a nude shadow across your lids might not feel empowering. Simply putting on makeup is not enough to give you the courage to take on the world. Instead, it should be makeup that makes you feel good. It should be daring makeup. For example, a vampire style, bold cranberry-colored lips, or a daring smokey eye. When you look courageous, you feel courageous. For some, that will be a touch of lip gloss, but for many, it means taking things up a notch above neutral looks.

It Makes You Feel In Control

Individuals that suffer from mental illnesses often benefit from feeling in control for various reasons. People with trauma who experience a loss of control can regain their power when they feel in control. Victims of narcissistic parents or those in an abusive relationship often experience someone controlling their appearance, and they can benefit from having more control over their looks. People with anxiety often experience worsening symptoms when they don’t feel in control. Finding healthy ways to be in control is a great way to start feeling a little better.

Makeup gives you the control you need and is healthy for you. You control the colors you wear, the makeup brands you buy, and the entire look. Opt for an ombre lip look to remind yourself that you’re in control of your life. A brightly colored eyeliner can make you feel in control and remind you that you don’t have to wear what your family or ex-boyfriend said. Makeup is a healthy way to be in control of your life.

In Conclusion

Wearing eyeshadow or lipliner is usually perceived as a person caring about their looks, and most people do. Still, the benefits of makeup are much more profound than having a perfect pout. It can make you look better, feel better, give you courage, and help you finally find peace.



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