Welcome to LIVE with the Katherine Girls

It has been an exciting couple of weeks - no months. We thought we should share the news officially. 

A warm welcome to our new Katherine Girls and Content Creators for Katherine Cosmetics, if you haven't seen them yet - Stephanie and her Golden Pup Arnold are taking IG by storm - while Joelle is walking in Fashion Weeks, studying Bio and taking over TikTok. The smiling faces and positive energy will make you want to join the team. And Yes TikTok really is as much fun as people are saying !! 

They are joining me to show the How To's of our fave products in action while living the Katherine Girl Life. Working hard participating and taking risks ( they found us on IG and reached out ) 

Confident, Strong, Courageous and KIND. 

Katherine Natural MAkeup Katherine Girl Katherine Girl Makeup Ambassador


The news keeps getting better - Forget Friday Night Lights we are Friday Afternoon - chatting makeup and showing all things Katherine, The How To's of Eyeliner. The trends and secrets of makeup artistry. 

Join us LIVE on IG  every Friday afternoon for some Makeup Inspiration Q&A and lots of laughter. 

Join the Katherine Girl Team 

It really is what they say "enjoy the journey" Joelle and Stephanie are making it so much FUN - Welcome Katherine Girls, 

More Love, Laughter and Lipgloss to come !! 

Katherine ( Annie ) 




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